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Code of Ethics

Customer Delight

We recognise customer being the center of our value system and seek to achieve customer satisfaction by pre-emptive process initiatives, customer focused delivery and value creation by surpassing ourselves by expanding the realm of possibility.

We hold ourselves accountable to our value delivered standards by engaging candidly within JMR Infotech.

Integrity and Transparency

Integrity means doing the right thing. It requires courage and accountability. It has been our constant endeavour to provide transparency in all our tasks that we undertake. We observe appropriate confidentiality of client information. We do not compromise our intellectual integrity for special interests and take time to consider our decisions, so that we can defend our actions – today and tomorrow.

We share our findings with our clients, even those that may be unpopular, in a manner that reflects our intensity of purpose yet respectful in our presentations.

Respect for the Individual

Respect inherently demands truthfulness and empathy, to deal with one another in an open and sincere manner. We encourage constructive criticism and reward performance consistent with our values.

We admire and cherish the desire and capacity for personal growth of our people, our clients, colleagues, alumni, recruits and all the other people we meet on our journey to Excel.

We recognise that ours is a demanding profession, and accept the responsibility as individuals and as groups, to prevent situations that jeopardise our health or our families.

Innovativeness - Expanding the Art of the Possible

We at JMR Infotech believe that the realm of possibility begins when options are limited. Because, each client is unique and there is seldom one solution. Each bright idea often results from seeking to resolve client challenges, creatively.

We foster an inclusive environment that values individual uniqueness, nurture imagination, and enhance the creativity for better results. We value every individual’s skills and contribution. Getting to know different viewpoints and acknowledging them benefits us, as unique solutions/approaches increases the quality of decisions and encourage being innovative.

Performance Driven Culture

Defining, differentiating and reinforcing excellence in people. We allow employees to realise their full potential, take up as much responsibility as they are willing and capable of. As part of our HR practices, we have been taking various initiatives to be an enhancer in linking the people in JMR Infotech to systems that build desired competencies within the organisation. Chief among these initiatives is Performance Management System. We believe that the best way of shaping a strong JMR Infotech'ians for tomorrow is to invest in the best resource we have - our people - people who will take this organisation into the future and hold the key in helping the company reach the lofty goals that it has set for itself.


Teamwork is essential for competing in today's global arena, where individual perfection is not as desirable as a high level of collective performance. A critical feature of this team is that they have a significant degree of empowerment or decision-making authority. There are different kinds of teams: top management teams, focused task forces, self-directed teams, concurrent engineering teams, product/service development and/or launch teams, quality improvement teams, and so on. At JMR Infotech “We” is more important than “I”.

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