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Data Migration

One of the most vital and delicate tasks undertaken in a new system implementation is the migration of data from a bank´s legacy system(s) to the new core banking system. Keeping accurate data, from customer account information to granular transaction details, is the lifeblood of the banking business.

Armed with rich implementation experience and intimate understanding of the data structure, our skilled workforce enable you to achieve a comprehensive, low-risk, cost-effective and on-time migration of data from the legacy system.

JMR Infotech can help you verify that the correct data is properly loaded into the new system while addressing technical complexities and privacy concerns, so that your IT team can focus on the big picture without having to worry about data loss.

JMR Infotech has proven experience in managing and implementing conversions, backed by a rigorous methodology honed over time with each successful project.
Meticulous data analysis and standardized templates together with an exhaustive list of reconciliatory documentation and audit trails enforces reduced risk.
Time tested procedures to assure data consistency within the target system database fields and to compare calculated values between the legacy and target systems.
JMR Infotech undertakes a comprehensive review of existing data, studying the many challenges involved in reconciling the old and new systems. Once the studies are complete, we deliver a data conversion and reconciliation strategy report that describes the data migration approach, the automated data conversion and reconciliation routines required, and the reconciliation approach to be used. 
We work with the customer to refine the migration approach, conducting dress rehearsals and mock migrations until such time as we can confirm that we are able to migrate the data in the time frames required by the bank.

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