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Loan Origination

Loan Origination

The increasing volume and complexity of data brought about by the explosion of consumer borrowing, the automation of information processing, and more recently - the networked world of internet requires the credit industry to move its systems requirements into rule based workflow management systems.

The technology is positioned to support each of the processing areas of consumer lending by assessing information and making decisions quickly, cost effectively and fairly. Thus, it alleviates the burden on lending staff and favorably impacts the organisation’s profitability.

Loan Origination System:

Lead To Loan’s loan origination system automates the processes from the first stage of application input till the final stage of loan approval. System is built to automate processes for both Retail and Corporate acquisition modes.

  • Comprehensive functionality: Enables you to proactively meet your market demands especially as the complexity of consumer loans and commercial loans keep increasing.
  • Launch innovative products: Bank can create and launch innovative loan products for the market using the powerful product configuration module without worrying about system constraints.
  • Enhance customer responsiveness and monitor process bottlenecks by setting up an auto-monitoring process and vendor SLAs.
  • Reduce cost and efforts of changing and maintaining software by keeping business logic flexible with a decision rule engine based approach to adapt with changing business needs.

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