Go green, eco-friendly, environment, save earth, recycle, save tree, energy are the current global buzz words. The ever increasing concern over human impact on the environment and the probable consequences is slowly permeating into all sectors of life. With the urgency of action to combat the aftermaths of large scale degradation of environment recognised, companies across the globe are joining the green movement and adopting eco-friendly business practices to address growing concern over human impact on the environment.
When it comes to the green initiatives by businesses, marketers play a key role in helping companies go green. Marketers from the eco-minded generation are exploring and adapting innovative marketing strategies that are environmental friendly. Digital marketing has evolved as one such crucial innovative marketing strategy for companies concerned about eco-friendly business practices and bidding adieu to wastage of resources. Wikipedia defines digital marketing as the use of internet connected devices to engage a customer with online advertising in order to promote products and services. This way of marketing includes promotion of corporate website that better describe the business you are in to and create conversations for your business, social media marketing and online content promotion.
Multiple factors make digital marketing more preferable over conventional marketing. Digital marketing helps you send message to a large number of people in the blink of an eye in a paperless way! It helps a business get in the limelight quickly by allowing to connect with millions of internet users while reducing channel cost and maximising innovation. With that being said, digital marketing will give you not only environmental benefits, but economic benefits too. This green way of marketing has a long shelf life. Once the message is disseminated it gets stored for the years to come and can be viewed by people at any time. Not to forget, with digital marketing you will find it easy to measure all your marketing activities and track end results. This strategy is very helpful from a public relations perspective too, creating ‘a company with a good cause’ image among the public. Environmental benefits include reduction in use of paper and printing that directly optimises energy consumption and lessens harmful emissions related to production and management of print collaterals.
In a bid to be a part of the green movement, we at JMR Infotech focus our marketing efforts on digital marketing, thanks to our inbound marketing strategy. If conventional marketing used ‘push strategy’ digital and inbound marketing uses ‘pull strategy’. Focusing on inbound marketing, JMR Infotech uses ‘pull’ strategy and gets found by potential clients. This strategy eliminates the need of printed collaterals, thereby helping us reduce our carbon foot print to a great extent.
Don’t be left behind in the green race, capitalise on digital marketing and see your campaign giving you results, which will definitely be more than anticipated.
Posted on Aug 14, 2014

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