AMAN bank, Libya signed a deal with JMR Infotech for FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Solution (FCUBS) implementation and my team was given an option to execute this project in Libya. Decision to accepted or reject this offer was very complicated one – on one side there were overwhelming emotions associated with venturing into unknown country while on the other side, we had an opportunity to work on new challenge.

After long deliberation I accepted the challenge and committed myself to the assignment. In preparation of my travel, I had detailed briefing on rules, regulations, culture, local customs, safety guidelines, protocols etc to be followed in Libya.

On March 23rd, 2013 , I landed in Tripoli and immediately shifted to the accommodation – a comfortable one provided by the Client. First few days flew by in getting to meet the bank staff and executives who were very professional in their approach. The office environment was surprisingly pleasant. All the employees were dressed in business suite, polite and culturally sensitive. There were people of 7 different nationalities working in the Bank. This added to our comfort levels and partially eroded the popular negative notions about the people and country.

On many occasions we heard explosions which we suspected to be bomb blast but later discovered that those were fireworks – since there is no regulation limiting use of high-decibel crackers, local people use it as a form of entertainment during celebrations.

As we started exploring the city, there were more surprises and we were completely taken aback by the warmth and politeness of local people. Our neighbors showed appreciable concern and eagerness to help to instil sense of security and feeling of comfort among us. Nearby shopkeeper were well-behaved and we developed pretty cordial relationship with them. Within a week’s time, our confidence reached to a point where we never had a second thought about getting out of villa even for small reason.

Encouraged by the positive environment and all the required help extended by the bank, I, along with my team, stayed fully motivated and delivered our best to the project. Throughout this project, our team members interacted with people without any prejudice and with sense of respect for everyone. With things falling in place, not only did we execute the project in best possible way but also developed a very healthy professional relationships with the bank.

The scope of project granted unique opportunity to learn the most out of FCUBS. I came back with immense professional learning. More importantly, this success opened doors for other business opportunities and today we have multiple active customer engagements in the country.

I travelled to Tripoli multiple times since then but still fondly remember my year-long engagement in the project which changed my perspective about Libya…and the life there.
Posted on May 13, 2014

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