The latter half of September 2014 will usher in the most dynamic and innovative events of the year Oracle OpenWorld 2014. As always expectations are rife and every attendee is hoping to experience something which will surprise them, trigger their imagination and make them think out of the box.

Oracle Open World is about excellence, budding ideas, reinstating the fact that nothing is impossible today. It might look like OOW is all about technology and the ‘next wave’ but this event is one of the few events which has a lot for everybody. Like every other year HR will be a big topic of discussion because HR is so tied into business strategy, it needs to continually evolve.

This year the topic of discussion will be about how organizations approach talent management, and how they can use talent management to enable the business strategy. Organizations need to define talent management more discretely to achieve this goal. Are they focused on succession planning or performance management? Are they focused on talent acquisition or retention? Those are some of the conversations which will take place in OOW 14.

Last year at OOW, 65 thousand people were in attendance over six days of the conference. People hailing from various areas of specialisation were present. There were people from clouds virtualization, software and hardware, big data, customer centric focuses, case studies and innovative technology and many more discussing standardization of scalable and secure platform to handle real time data and the amounts that users experience.

This year the numbers are expected to swell and conversations are supposed to be much more varied than last year; we from JMR Infotech will be present at OOW 14 and hope to make the most out of one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Posted on Sep 01, 2014
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