In today’s context Managed Services is seen as a strategic move by companies who want to concentrate more on their core offerings. They outsource operations such as HR or other IT services so that there is a specialised 24 hour monitoring, management and problem resolution for the business. The managed service provider is responsible for the functionality and performance of the managed service and has no control or responsibility towards the organization or the system. Managed IT Services is being dubbed as the most efficient way to concentrate on core services for a company while also taking care of other important operations and IT services.
Businesses can reap quite a lot of benefits from Managed Services, here are 6 benefits of managed services:-
1. Increased Efficiency:
Many companies turn to managed services for micro management and redemption and the trend is that they get accustomed to fire fighting methods as well as tracking and responding to events. Managed service providers have a more mature set of toolset available and this can help you increase efficiency as they can address issues immediately. Many times, the efficiency gained through managed services are so great that businesses are surprised by the extent of the inefficiency of their prior system.
2. Better Understanding of the Infrastructure:
There are a lot of little things that make a big difference in the efficient management of a company’s IT infrastructure, but unfortunately, many of these fall through the cracks in most organizations due to lack of time and resources. When a client company engages a qualified managed services provider, another surprise benefit comes in the form of periodic reviews. Managed services providers will constantly be on the lookout for anything that might put the client’s IT environment at risk, and mitigating that risk is their job. Devices that are nearing end of life, OS upgrades that need to be done–these can be discussed in periodic reviews and determinations made about how to resolve them before they become an issue. Additionally, managed services providers can help clients create a well-defined list of which technology products–hardware and software–are tied to business-critical functions so that different service priority levels can be assigned on a true needs basis.
3. Future Proof Services, Using Best -of -Breed Technology:
Managed Services Providers use the best of technology to service their clients, their IT services are constantly upgraded with no additional cost or financial risk and with no fear of being obsolete. This gives a company the required edge and they don’t even need to worry about using additional resource for the same.
4. Access to Experts: 
Outsourcing your operation and IT Services to other companies gives you access to the most proficient teams taking care of your business and operations. Any managed service provider will give the best services to maintain a long term relationship and this will enable the company in getting the best heads to work for them.
5. Time to Focus on Your Core Offering:
With a team taking care of your operations and related services you will have plenty of time to focus on what your company is really good at, your core offerings. This stress relief will allow you to focus on your product line – on what you’re good at, speeding up your productivity with your own product.
6. Centralisation:
With a managed network you can benefit from the ability to centralise all your applications and servers within managed data centres, this leads to improved performance of staff, regardless of location. Access to centralised data centres within the network can also provide access to virtual services, as well as storage and backup infrastructure.
Posted on Jul 21, 2014

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