Have you heard of the new game changer in the banking sphere to reach out to your customers? As experts say social media is the new phenomenon sweeping across the banking industry resulting in larger engagement with their customers. This goes by the name of Visible Banking wherein the banks make themselves more visible to their customers and share new services, technology, newly acquired expertise and other information on social media thereby generating a lot of popular interest.

Visible banking has turned out to be a very clever way to differentiate from competition and banks can now establish themselves as a trusted and helpful partner, which makes a huge difference to a customer who is looking to get in touch with the bank for some information.

How does visible Banking Work?

Visible Banking makes a bank’s presence felt across all spheres of social media. To make your bank visible and successfully so, you need to know what is being said about your brand online. Any post on social media generates comments and it is important not to respond to all of them. You need to identify your key influencers (detractors and advocates), then design and implement a response strategy and find the best way to build relationships with them.

A bank would need to prioritize and only react to what is prominent and relevant. Generally they don’t have the time to respond to everything and they should focus on a relevant response effort.

Why indulge in social media engagement banking?

Social media engagement baking is the most revolutionary way to connect to customers across all geographies and reach out to them with the relevant information. Many small scale banks have also made it a practice to reach out to their valuable customer base through twitter and facebook thus generating a huge amount of interest in their brand.
Posted on May 13, 2015

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