Accelerate Smart Farming With JMR AgriNET

Agriculture remains central to the world economy. It is the largest economic sector that provides employment, sustenance and livelihood to the billions. Yet, the sector is under stress and has stagnated over the years. Agricultural production has dwindled. Its contribution to global GDP has fallen. Governments across the world are strategizing to find a sustainable solution. One of the key focus is to leverage technology to adopt smart farming solutions to improve crop yield with advisory-led farming approach; while optimizing cost & reducing crop failure risk, thereby providing profitability to local communities.

Introducing JMR AgriNET Platform, a connected agro-digital smart farming solution for the future. The Platform equips the farming community with a mobile app through which a farmer group, led by a local expert, can digitally collaborate and smartly automate each and every aspect of a crop lifecycle.

Connected Agro-Digital Platform

JMR AgriNET combines power of Analytics with the tenets of IoT, AI and Big Data to occupy the space of the
most trusted comprehensive smart and precision farming solution.

Solution Capabilities

  • 360° Farm Assessment: Ensures a complete and comprehensive farm assessment by capturing farm ownership, weather conditions, soil fertility, land use pattern, type of crop and yield data of the upcoming cycle and the previous crop cycle
  • Expert Farming Advisory: Meaningful, actionable insights are derived and activities automatically calenderized based on various integrated feeds like weather, soil moisture, market price, transport, warehouses and others
  • Comprehensive Financing Option: Automated loan eligibility computation that is based on algorithmically-derived crop yield and other credit-assessment parameters
  • Agri Input Vendor Connect: Digitally on-board and access to latest inventory data of some of the most reliable agro input providers such as the seeds, fertilizers and pest control vendors, agro equipment dealers and manufacturers
  • Agri Harvest Vendor Connect: Digitally on-board and access to logistics and storage service providers, with information about the fleet services, storage capacity and security including respective standard rates
  • Agri Market Connect: Digitally connects to the online market place, compares the prevalent market prices for the crop in the region, determines farmer revenues & profitability and suggests the most optimal market price

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