Business Issues / Challenges:

  • Unfavorable supply chain dynamics causes – delays in responding to demand, supply spikes, over capacity, soaring costs across supply chain
  • Manufacturing industry is in a state of consolidation – Needs application & business process integration
  • Driven by regulations with more focused Quality control & tracking
  • Increasing raw material and labor costs
  • Ineffective scheduling – Lower productivity

    JMR Manufacturing Technology and Software Solutions

 JMR Manufacturing Technology and Software Solutions

Business Solution / IT Solution:

Build Market Share

  1. Reduce Redundancies
  2. Acquire & Consolidate
  3. Leverage Customer Facing Assets
  4. Adapt to Economic Cycles
  5. Accelerate Product Development

Operational Excellence

  1. Drive Efficient Planning & Procurement
  2. Optimize Mfg Operations & Maximize Asset Utilization
  3. Integrate ERP & Mill Production Systems
  4. Collaborative Planning & Scheduling
  5. Standardize and Simplify
  6. Integrate quality data to customer apps
  7. Intelligent Data conversion & Process
  8. Integration
  9. Streamline Data / Processes
  • Customer Facing
  • Internal
  • Supplier Facing

Outperform Competition

  1. Reduce Costs – Direct / Indirect Optimize
  2. Attract & Retain Customers
  3. Faster Time to Market
  4. Outsource specific supply chain functions
  5. Customer Self Service Portals
  6. M&A Activity
  7. Customized service based on customer and product profile
  8. RFID Enablement Integration


JMR Offerings

Key Initiatives in Business IT

Manufacturing key Initiatives

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