Technology now plays a critical role in every sector of industry.  Computers and mobile devices are now commonly used by people to complete work related and other tasks. Employees depend on the IT department to provide connectivity, which means that a lot of sensitive data has to be protected. Security solutions have to be set up based on different criteria to avoid data theft.

JMR Infotech offers robust, end-to end solutions to help an enterprise’s systems, whether it is email or content, stay secure. Our security solutions are designed to reduce deployment costs and complexity while helping the IT department to:

  • Ensure that computers on a network are secure against threats
  • Ability to manage operational issues and monitor security throughout the enterprise
  • Be proactive about detecting and responding to threats, troubleshoot issues and fix them
  • Manage firewalls to prevent intruders or malicious software
  • Migrate easily from existing solutions and update as needed to suit organizational needs
  • Ensure that all devices used by students and educators have supported access

JMR Infotech’s IT security solutions cover the following essential areas:

  • Database Security
  • Infrastructure and Cyber Security
  • Identity Management
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Services and Consulting

This cost effective approach offers in-depth defense with overlapping controls to secure the most valued assets of a company. JMR offers its expertise in providing solutions in every area – right from applications to operating systems to storage, at affordable prices. We help companies with their growth plans while ensuring that their enterprise is secure. Our experts use the latest tools and solutions to provide security across every possible device.

Call us today and sit down with our experts to find out how we can help you secure critical information while maintaining agility. Our holistic approach to security includes advice, protection and monitoring every aspect of your organization’s security.

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JMR offers one-stop solution for all your technology products and services related requirements.


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