To be profitable, telecom companies and service providers have to invest in equipment to improve capacity and ensure that signal strength is reliable.  The next step in the process is to configure networks and processes based on products so that resources are optimized. JMR’s telecom network solutions are designed to do exactly that and help telecom providers offer topnotch services.

JMR Infotech offers network management solutions which can streamline OPEX and CAPEX and transform networks radically. JMR’s comprehensive solutions offer the following attributes:

  • Setting up inventory systems which support consolidation and federation of inventory
  • Detect, incorporate and reconcile generated data with inventory system
  • Configure networks across different inventory systems to ensure transparency and visibility
  • Deploy analytics tools to ensure intelligent networks and also support agile plans in areas such as planning, migration and optimization
  • Set up and manage processes so that previewing, execution and system changes in networks can be audited, ensuring maximum efficiency and asset utilization

JMR’s telecom network solutions offer clients the following benefits:

  • Have transparency in network configurations which result in a collaboration with inventory systems/consolidation
  • Ability to synchronize inventory data and configured networks for accurate data on inventory
  • Identify and establish underutilized network capacity and assets so that they are redeployed to expand networks
  • Reduce circuit related costs by optimizing routes and consolidating leased lines
  • Streamline the network migration process during the transformation process and consolidating acquisitions


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