AgriNET’s INAS Project went live on 12th November, with distribution of subsidies to over 200 farmers in Mozambique. The project aims to reach 600,000 farmers over the next 3 years.

Instituto Nacional de Acção Social Humanitarian Institutions (INAS) is a financial institution in Mozambique which implements and promotes direct social assistance programs for individuals who are unable to meet their basic needs on their own, temporarily or permanently, and to contribute to increasing coverage of basic social protection.

One such program was to enable the farmers to get timely access to finance and quality agro inputs from verified buyers at low cost for agriculture activities. INAS had tripartite agreement with one leading telecom provider Movitel, Mozambique and Technology solution provider ADM/JMR Infotech. The disbursement of subsidies to the farmers in the form of e-Vouchers (NFC Cards) is done through JMR AgriNET e-Voucher solution. The POS centers have been established in partnership with a Movitel, a leading telecom service provider in the region. The POS centers serve as a point of encashment and also as a checkpoint to validate the beneficiary.

This cashless system offers security and convenience to INAS with an easy and effective channel to disburse the subsidies. This brings clear traceability of credit movement for the financing institution INAS. INAS aims to reach about 600,000 farmers in 3 years of time with 4000 point of sale counters across 84 districts of Mozambique. On 12th November2019, INAS had a successful pilot in production environment distributing subsides to over 200 beneficiaries in real time. INAS may go full hog with JMR AgriNET e-Voucher solution to distribute subsidies to125,000 farmers for the year one.


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