A complete solution to meet regulatory reporting requirements

In the current economic environment, banks and financial organizations  face complex regulations and the challenge to meet them. Enforcing complex regulatory requirements has become easier with JMR’s Central Bank Reporting Solution. Our extensive solution has all the features needed to help banking organizations to address challenges and keep pace with changing regulations. Banks and financial services organizations can improve accuracy, promptness, quality and efficiency of compulsory reporting requirements. It can also be implemented as a unified compliance platform to transform, prepare, and improve all data. Besides, it also streamlines the audit process across the organization.

Key areas covered by the Central Bank Reporting Solution

In addition, Banks and financial organizations can meet reporting requirements of:

  • IFRS 9
  • CRS

Not to mention, BFS institutions have access to a well designed solution which meets every possible requirement. JMR’s Suite of Banking Solutions help in creating good data sources which lower costs and associated risks. Our Central Bank Reporting Solution also boosts reporting efficiency.

Benefits offered by JMR’s Central Bank Reporting Solution

  • Effective management
  • Ensure stability
  • Boost profits
  • and chiefly, make regulatory compliance easy

This solution complements the capabilities of Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting. Correspondingly, it boosts the operational efficiency of a bank and helps in making smart decisions. Banks can also create and send reports which are GAAP/BASEL/IFRS compliant, with ease.

JMR’s experts can help with the upgrading of legacy systems and setting up of the right solution with all the needed tools. Our solutions have tools which can help select, compare and present data in any format. Generating reports for any requirement is also easy.

Let us help you not only upgrade and modernize your systems but also keep pace with reporting requirements.  We can customize solutions to meet help you tight deadlines with ease. Call us today for a presentation.

The advantages of JMR Central Bank Reporting solution are:

  • Automated data collection from multiple sources, report production and delivery
  • Flexible output and delivery
  • Ability to meet timelines and proven accuracy
  • Access to multidimensional data
  • Automated report production and delivery
  • Manage applications from a single foundation

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