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Genie De Banca:

In a competitive landscape that has been redrawn by Fintech start-ups, it has become imperative for financial institutions to think of product innovation outside their current business models. It is precisely on these lines that JMR’s Genie De Banca has been conceived. Genie De Banca is a simple, innovative digital solution that helps Banks & Financial Services Institutions ride the digital wave rather than be swept away by digital disruptions. It enables organizations to assess the emerging market opportunities and leverage on the existing business model to unlock new revenue channels.

These Beyond Banking Ecosystem ideas, addresses two key aspects:

  • How Banks can use the Ecosystem to help SME Customer to Sell Smarter online
  • Extend Marketplace to Fulfilling Wishes and Dreams for Retail Customers


Opportunities for Banks to participate, orchestrate an Ecosystem that enables SME customers Sell Smarter and boost their Business, bodes well for Banks to strengthen and retain Customer relationships and consequentially boost their returns. JMR’s InstaMall is a revolutionary Digital Platform, helps SMEs create a Virtual Mall or differentiated Marketplace to display and sell their Products and Services. With the support of the Bank, the SME has a pre-verified list of Customers to market their offerings. Based on the Analytics of the Credit Behaviour, the Bank could set dynamic limits linked to Business generation while providing Credit at the Point of Sale to the end-customer, whenever and wherever needed. This template helps drive growth for SME’s business, helps the Bank differentiate their SME Offering as well as monetize via Subscription Fees, Commissions, and other forms of Data Monetization.

d-Magic Lamp:

For Retail Customers, JMR’s d-Magic Lamp is a Digital Platform that enables fulfilment of Customers’ wishes and aspirations. Many a times, purchase decisions are postponed indefinitely or given up due to lack of funds at that instant. In this scenario, the Customer’s wishes remain unfulfilled, the Seller loses Business and the Financial Institutions lose an opportunity to add to their asset base. d-Magic Lamp ensures that this scenario is turned around, to ensure it is a win-win for all concerned. Not only does this platform present the best options of Products and Services for the end-Customer at the best rates, but also provides pre-approved credit options or instalments, ensuring instant purchase power and fulfilment of customers’ wishes, and that of Business multiplying and Financial Institutions growing their asset base. This is useful where the Bank seeks to play primarily in B2C Ecosystem, adopts a BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) model, without using Credit Card for online/ mobile purchases. Once again, this helps spur both Fund & Fee based Income streams.

Unique Features of Genie De Banca

  • A single window platform that brings sellers, financial institutions and buyers together for a seamless customer experience
  • Automates Prospecting & Targeting, Campaign Management, Lead Management, Product & Servicing offering, Deal Origination, Deal Negotiation & Deal Closure
  • An advanced data driven configurable rule engine helps to easily identify and target prospects and consumers to offer relevant products and services resulting in quicker purchase decisions
  • Enhances agility of financial institutions’ operations by reducing the time to market vendors’ products, services, offers and schemes and enabling it to offer customized services
  • Enables users to create workflows for various activities and communications, intended between the financial institution, vendor and the customer
  • Modules of the application are fully parameterizable as per business requirements thus eliminating the need for code changes to introduce any new product or services

Advantages of JMR Genie De Banca for banks:

  • In-depth Customer Segmentation Analytics
  • Increase in asset-based and fee-based income
  • Top- and bottom line revenue by increased gross sales
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty
  • Cross-selling revenue
  • Single window service for offering deals, managing requests, processing and fulfillment

The most unique feature of Genie de Banca is that it opens up new revenue streams for banks by allowing them to earn profits through the sale of non-banking products and services. These products and services can include lifestyle essentials like automobiles, real estate, insurance, education, consumer goods, white goods, electronics, leisure etc. A fully automated and integrated platform for managing B2B2C offerings, JMR Genie de Banca takes care of all workflows, processes, communications requirements of a bank, its empanelled vendors and the bank’s customers.

Genie de Banca provides a bank’s customers with a single window to complete all stages of a purchase – from enquiry through selection to purchase with payment transfer. This solution will not only win you loyal customers but also provide you with a unified digital platform wherein you manage various stakeholders together.

Genie de Banca capabilities

JMR Genie De Banca provides a bank’s customers with a single-window, to view banking and non-banking offers and close the deal on a single platform.It has an inbuilt loan origination and credit scoring module to support the financing process. Genie De Banca is equipped with a powerful, customer segmentation and analytical engine, fully supported by a campaign management module.

Reach out to us at to know more about Genie de Banca and register for a 30 day trial of this phenomenal solution.

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