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JMR’s FLEXCUBE EOD Management Application is designed and built to address clear-cut concerns related to the oracle validation integrationoperational risks and efficiencies related to core banking End of Day processing. Our Oracle-validated application uses a core banking system’s inherent features & capabilities effectively. Not only that, it complements them by addressing operational aspects of EOD that are outside the application’s range.  This hassle-free one-click solution is backed by JMR ‘s deep domain expertise in BFSI vertical. Notably, JMR has worked with over 100+ banks on complex technology projects so far. Based on our unmatched technical and domain expertise, we can assure that the EOD Management Application will help banks have an error-free End of Day run. At the same time, the solution ensures that all  FLEXCUBE transactions are posted accurately, guaranteeing  an accurate and reconciled General Ledger.

What the EOD Management Application offers users:

JMR FLEXCUBE EOD Management Application

It helps in reducing operational risks, internal fraud and ensures a streamlined EOD process. This is achieved with the use of the scheduler framework, intuitive dashboards, proactive alerting and reconciliation systems. This lightweight application is platform-independent with extensible plugins for Oracle’s FLEXCUBE built in. These  plug-ins help in greatly reducing the overall implementation time and with minimal CAPEX needs. Additionally, the inclusion of smart features and capabilities in the EOD Management Application make it an indispensable tool for banks.




Key features of the EOD application

  • 360 degree checks to list JMR FLEXCUBE EOD Management Applicationpending items and issues in FLEXCUBE application which could possibly cause batch program aborts during EOD processing
  • Error-free General Ledger Accounting by proactive highlighting  of inconsistencies in the GL, like mismatches etc. and providing error-free accounting everyday
  • Quick view of Actionable Items relevant for EOD batch run is available with a direct view of pending items or issues, which may impact the EOD batch run
  • Comprehensive Database Monitoring to proactively check for issues related to functions
  • Multi-level Checks to address transactional inconsistencies, security management, and batch program levels, thereby ensuring stable EOD processing
  • Prevents Internal IT Fraud and lessens operation level risk by reducing the need to access Production database
  • Reminder mechanism sends reminders to bank users with a cc to the manager to clear pending items
  • JMR EOD Management System can be customized and allows for additional checks or validations to be added to application based on need
  • JMR EOD Management System’s

    Consolidated Batch scheduler schedules FLEXCUBE and external system batch runs for error-free EOD processing

  • Enterprise Applications Scheduler is another feature offered by JMR EOD Management System to schedule any application
  • Highly cost effective as no additional investment on Hardware/Software is required to implement the EOD system

Call us today and find out how our experts can help set up your bank’s entire system with all the necessary applications.

Benefits to customers:

  • Preemptive isolation and resolution of potential issues resulting into hassle-free EOD processing.
  • Bank’s IT staff can independently deal with pre-EOD issues and resolve most of them, through the customized scripts provided.
  • Minimizes the dependency on Oracle Financial Services Software’s support for running the EOD batch.
  • Significant saving on cost and effort associated.

To summarize, JMR End of Day Management System Enables efficient and Error Free Operations. It integrates with General Ledger - assuring an accurate and reconciled General Ledger. Last but not the least, it streamlines End of Day & Beginning of Day operations resulting in significant benefits to the bank.

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