Educational institutions are the bedrock of society and help people gain knowledge and skills.  The education sector also faces challenges, just like other industry verticals. In order to meet market requirements, it is essential to understand the unique challenges faced by institutions. Rapid globalization is putting a strain on education systems to maintain quality while offering easy access.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, JMR Infotech offers a comprehensive range of education-related products and solutions

JMR also has solutions developed in house which helps educators empower student learning. Whether it is managing supplies, curriculum, recruitment, or fund raising, JMR has solutions to meet every need. Teachers can now use technology to bridge the learning gap and facilitate the free flow of information. Customizing learning to meet student needs and learning needs is now much easier.  

The JMR Advantage:

Our team of domain experts can take an in depth look at your current set up, evaluate priorities and offer customized solutions.  We include many best practices with the following capabilities with the right value propositions. We also Clients will benefit in the following ways:  

  • Better communication capabilities between departments
  • Effective recruitment tracking, registration and availability of academic records to students
  • Effective work load management for faculty
  • Unified repository for enterprise related information
  • Analytics tools which can help in analyze finances and improve cash flow and spending patterns
  • Offer robust profiles which contain accurate content to make communication easier
  • Accurate and consistent records
  • Can be customized to work with different applications and platforms
  • Increased ability for constituents to interact with each other
  • Self monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Mobile learning made accessible
  • Practical and soft skills training
  • Lowered resource costs through the availability of eBooks and video lessons

  Talk to us and find out how JMR Infotech can help in taking your organization to the next level.  


Our other education services,

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