JMR Document Management System

The JMR Document Management System is designed to enhance the way you manage your critical documents and other information. Addressing document management and distribution challenges, JMR DMS allows you to create, share, preserve, retrieve and manage your documents. This web-based solution integrates all essential document management, collaboration and advanced search functionality in a single platform and allows you to store documents in a central repository that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments and branches.

With our DMS, digitizing papers and storing them centrally with an advanced search feature makes it easy for users to find a particular document ANY TIME, ANY WHERE using ANY DEVICE, ensuring a paperless workplace. enhanced security features restrict access to specific users and roles and  controls the kind of operations they can perform. It has an inbuilt workflow engine that helps to automate all document processes, such as, Document Approval, Document Release, Document Deferral, etc.

It also facilitates sending reminders based on expiration date of a document. JMR DMS can be implemented in the cloud or on-premises.

The main features of the solution are:

  • Folders, sub-folders hierarchy for organizing documents
  • Facility to upload documents and it supports multiple formats like .docx, .PNG, JPEG, .xls, .PDF, etc.
  • Grouping of documents and bulk upload at a single instance
  • Advanced search feature
  • Archival of documents for regulatory and compliance fulfillment
  • Document expiration monitoring
  • Alerts and Reminders management
  • Document movement registry
  • Workflow Administration which automates all document related process

  Business benefits

  • Low life cycle cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved security and control
  • Unified platform to address document management and distribution concerns

Document Management System

Let JMR help you with custom solutions to manage content across the enterprise and improve productivity and overall growth.

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