A unified, end-to-end solution to optimize your workflow Managing vast amounts of unstructured information from multiple sources related to your processes can be a challenging and time consuming task, especially when they are document-intensive. Processes have to be streamlined, optimized and have to work in a strategic manner to meet mission-critical and daily business assessment requirements. JMR Workflow Management System can help you optimize your workflow and streamline your processes. This versatile workflow management solution provides a wide range of workflows, processes, and request/approval features.

Key Features of JMR’s Workflow Automation System

  • Approvals: This module helps to ensure increased workflow efficiency and security to business critical information
  • Sequential & non-sequential workflows: Sequential and non-sequential options provide approval structures that can be applied as per your business requirements.
  • Alerts: JMR Workflow System provides a flexible alerts system, with multiple platforms for delivery of an alert via e-mail, SMS, follow-ups etc. 
  • Escalation engine: This feature enables tracking of activities and helps to find out actions that have not been completed as scheduled. 
  • SLA and TAT calculations: Allows better managing of SLAs and calculating TAT for each of the approval stages. 
  • Document upload: This module allows to upload and manage your documents

Business Benefits

  • Increased speed & efficiency
  • Increased control & visibility
  • Streamline and automate review and approval processes
  • Identify, anticipate and resolve bottlenecks
  • Database independent, compatible with intranet/internet environments
  • Reliable, robust and scalable
  • Flexible Interface
  • Parallel Processing
  • Quality Control

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