Regularly scheduled maintenance is one of the most essential on–site and onshore support services provided by JMR Infotech. Before a technical problem can develop , let our certified engineers/consultants provide ongoing troubleshooting to prevent problems and keep work flowing. JMR takes pride in offering the best support by being available and reliable.

Our priority is to ensure that customer up-time in every area of technology is maintained. With monthly maintenance, your technology will work better for you with greater reliability and fewer interruptions. Our experienced and courteous IT Consultants will ensure that your security definitions are current, your operating systems, software, and networks are up to date, and your technology solutions are enhancing your core business processes.

The JMR Support Process

Scheduled maintenance with an on–site support Engineer allows your staff to devote their time and attention to growing your business rather than dealing with your technology. Planned monthly maintenance is particularly important for businesses that do not have a large in–house IT staff available to consistently monitor the state of a company´s systems. We can also work in partnership with your Company´s IT professionals to manage ongoing tasks to free them up for other activities. Some of the on-site and onshore support services provided by JMR’s IT teams are:

  • System Administration Services for Unix, Linux and Windows
  • Database Administration and Management
  • Middleware Administration and Management
  • Virtualization Services
  • Server and Storage Management
  • Network Management
  • IT Security management
  • Information Security Services
  • Hardware and Software updates and patches

These activities can be carried out:

  • On a regular schedule of planned proactive visits
  • On an ad-hoc basis when you feel that you need an IT support resource
  • To provide cover at particularly busy periods, such as year-end
  • In an emergency, when things go wrong and you need immediate help

Call us to find out about our maintenance teams, packages and how we can customize services to suit your needs.

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