JMR Infotech provides IT Infrastructure Managed Services to a cross-section of Corporate Clientele. Managed services include the monitoring and management of a client’s selected hardware, software or networks, which can be located on premises or hosted in a third-party data center. The services typically include alerts, operating system patch management, problem resolution and proactive problem prevention. The managed services provider assumes responsibility for helping prevent downtime and improve IT performance, as measured by service level agreements (SLAs).

Why companies adopt managed services Cost reduction

Economies of scale and industrializing service delivery help managed services providers meet a lower cost point than most organizations can achieve in-house. In addition, many of a provider’s costs — from infrastructure and overhead to technical staff — are shared across multiple customers.

Capital expense reduction

Enterprises are continually challenged with constrained capital expenses. Decisions about where to invest capital are difficult — and typically the choice is to focus capital investment on revenue-generating initiatives. Similar to the way many companies lease real estate rather than purchase, delivery models like cloud and managed services can free capital by shifting IT costs to operating expenses, where there is greater flexibility.

Increased efficiency

A managed services provider can deliver new value from best practices, standardization, analytics and automation to the extent that IT reaches a level of industrialization that results in higher efficiency and tighter IT controls.

Access to skills

The need to find, retain and build the skills you need to support your heterogeneous IT environment is relentless. Managed services can reduce skills-related risk, because the responsibility for attracting and retaining skilled individuals falls on the managed services provider.

Better service levels and reduced risk

Service quality is the ultimate value that a managed services provider can offer. Moreover, promises of service quality are backed by contractual SLAs.

Services providers therefore have an incentive to cost effectively develop the tools, processes and governance required to deliver reliable services. In addition, they have experience that can rarely be matched in-house.

JMR Infotech has customized the service offerings to be able to offer our solutions to our clients that are more cost effective reducing expenses and improving operations. Together with our managed and outsourcing services, our skills, knowledge and client experience, today JMR Infotech are in a position to propose the following services to our Corporate Customers:

  • Systems Monitoring
  • Systems Administration
  • Systems Management
  • Data Backup and Restoration
  • Network Management
  • Application Management

We base our Managed Services on the fundamental principles of Monitoring, Improvement, Maintenance, Reporting, Support Each of our solutions is customized per individual client and each customer can outsource all or part of their IT operations to us – from the desktop Infrastructure to the Data Centre.

We offer different levels of availability from 8/5 x 5 to 24/7 x 365 with varied levels of response times. Supporting you remotely or on premise, our team of vendor qualified engineers will treat your systems and information with the same level of ownership we treat ours.

You can depend on JMR as your Managed Service Provider partner.

Our Managed Services Framework is purely ITIL Based Delivery Framework to run the Environment. Our core strength and niche area expertise provides coverage to entire life cycle of pre implementation, implementation and post implementation phases.

IT Infrastructure Manages Services

Other Managed Services Offerings

  • Core Banking Managed Services
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