As more and more companies embrace digital transformation, the need to get products and solutions to market fast becomes more urgent.  Testing and Quality Assurance is an important business function as it helps to deliver high quality products at low cost. 

JMR Infotech has expertise in all three areas – testing, validation and verification. JMR Infotech has a dedicated Core banking Centre of Excellence (CoE) in place with experience and expertise to handle Core banking related projects. The CoE is leveraged to provide technical expertise, domain knowledge and best practices for our Testing Services. The CoE helps in enhancing the value of the testing services we offer by improving performance of test execution, ensuring optimized test plans and by providing effective and efficient support. The CoE is characterized by:Core banking Centre of Excellence

  • Dedicated teams focused on specific applications, domains or business units
  • Robust processes and consistent methodologies
  • Extensive Metrics and Reporting
  • Knowledge Management Repository of business processes
  • Project Transparency and Control
  • Specialized Testing PMO to congregate expertise
  • Help Desk to cater to any requirement on a 24×7 basis
  • Expanded tool licensing
  • Dedicated Training Centre for regular updates

Test Strategy

  • Governed by identification of the fundamental requirement and driven by the points given below:
    • Purpose of the product or component
    • Primary Functions and Contributing Functions
    • Areas of potential instability
    • Function Testing and Recording of issues
    • Consistency Verification and Reporting
  • Well diversified strategy considering multiple dimensions of coverage – Structural, Functional, Data level, Operations and Requirement.
  • Primary function is tested for its consistency with purpose, and stability of product is tested for its full range of use.
  • Covers areas of potential instability like functions handling huge amount of data, functions that need complicated user input, functions interfacing with external third party system, etc.

 Test Planning

  • Our team of experts analyses the products and prepares a product coverage outline document including product functionality, data and understanding of gaps.
  • Run charts are prepared with line items covering functionalities and events associated with product life cycle, making use of our library of test scenarios.
  • Test Execution and Support Efforts are estimated and scheduled.
  • Following are discussed and agreed with all stakeholders:
    • Test Entry Criteria
    • Deliverables
    • Environment acquisition and configuration plan
    • Test cycle administration
    • Problem reporting system and protocol
    • Test status reporting protocol
    • Code freezing and incremental testing protocol
    • Test exit criteria and sign-off protocol

Test Execution

  • Execute all test cases as per test plan/run chart and observe for expected results.
  • Cases where products operate in a manner inconsistent with expected results, hang, crash or data loss occurs are recorded and reported.
  • Our team records the steps to simulate the problem if feasible to allow support team to reproduce the issues, thus improving the turn-around time on fixes.
  • Fixes released to the test environment will be retested for functionality adherence and product stability.
  • Two rounds to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) suggested – Round 1 on dummy data for functional testing and Round 2 on migrated data to ensure smooth life cycle processing.
  • Support provided for data reconciliation between Legacy system and Core banking.

Value Proposition

Proven competencies in the following areas in QA and BFS domain guarantees capability augmentation and scalability:

  • Strong BFS domain and Core banking expertise
  • Test Management and Process Maturity
  • Service Offerings
  • Knowledge Management

Improved productivity is ensured through:

  • Reusability, Structured Processes and matured frameworks
  • Experienced and trained SMEs
  • Leveraging tools and technology
  • Major focus on Automation for quick benefits

JMR Infotech is committed to its clients, aided by:

  • Large Global Team providing onsite/offshore services
  • Flexible engagement and resourcing model
  • Global implementation experience - providing end-to-end QA services



JMR Infotech has the capability to automate test execution in FLEXCUBE®, by following a well-proven framework named Reusable Automated Testing Framework (RATF). The framework – RATF – provides an optimised way of executing the test cases, and the highlights of the framework are as given below:

  • Readymade scripts allow scalable options.
  • Easier and greater control over complete testing automation cycle.
  • Standards conformed throughout with very well-documented process.
  • Drastically cut down Regression testing cycle time.
  • Modular level scripting multiply benefits where high level scripting fails.
  • Faster learning curve using simple modular approach.
  • Greater transparency among Business Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Scripts.
  • Allows huge savings in Time and Effort, which is directly credited to its reusable nature.

Reusable Automated Testing Framework

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

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