JMR Infotech offers Enterprise Risk Management application for organizations, to manage regulatory requirements like Basel III, SOX, etc. that can be built on a unified platform. In today’s challenging global economy, business opportunities and risks are constantly changing. JMR Infotech’s Enterprise Risk Management application helps organizations to identify, assess, manage, and monitor the organization’s business opportunities and risks during the earlier stages than the later, so that it is easier, less costly, and less disruptive for the organizations to make changes and correct work efforts.

Management Application helps organizations with the following:

  • Span every risk area
  • Helps them manage risk as well as compliance based reporting
  • Address Basel III requirements
  • Promotes operational synergy between finance and risk functions

The benefits of deploying this Suite are:

  • Ability to calculate risk-pricing of exposures accurately
  • Figure out risk for portfolios taking many parameters into account
  • Set up KPIs to reflect returns which are risk-adjusted
  • Offer risk and performance metrics when needed, to shareholders and rating agencies
  • Stay regulations compliant
  • Accurately calculate risk-based pricing of exposures
  • Assess risk across multiple parameters
  • Set key performance indicators to reflect risk-adjusted returns
  • Provide risk and performance metrics to rating agencies and shareholders
  • Help ensure compliance
JMR Basel Regulatory Capital Brochure
JMR Economic Capital Advanced Brochure
JMR Liquidity Risk Management Brochure
JMR Enterprise Risk Management Brochure
JMR Manage Credit Risk Brochure
JMR Market Risk Management Brochure

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