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Transform your data into actionable insights

As organizations become more and more data driven, it becomes imperative for decision makers to have organized and structured data at their finger tips. In a highly competitive business environment, business leaders need good data to make real-time and informed decisions to stay competitive. Effective decision support system for CXOs with comprehensive and customizable dashboards and built-in advanced customer segmentation analytics which can be implemented in shortest possible time is the need of hour. JMR Decision Support System (JDSS) is a business intelligence system with inbuilt analytics that addresses all the dashboard and reporting needs of an organization. JDSS generates actionable insights that allow you to make quick, more informed and proactive decisions. This integrated business intelligence solution has a centralized data mart to store the critical data in one place while ensuring that the data is in the right format and accessible at the right time.

Highlights of JDSS:

Create your own reports

  • Create Reports using widgets
  • Create charts, dashboards, reports in all formats like PDF, Excel, txt, CSV
  • Supports different types of visualizations of data
  • Personalize dashboards
  • Create drill down reports
  • Reports available on all devices – mobile, PC and all browsers

Integrate disparate data sources

  • Use data from multiple sources in a single report, including data from Excel, text/CSV files, any database (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Centralized data management – maintain a single version of business data to ensure every person in the organization sees the same figures

Self-Service Analytics

  • Create your own analytical queries with structured data
  • Schedule events and get reminders
  • Standard analytics pre-shipped for banks and lending institutions

Track Performances

  • Identify best performing areas in the organization
  • Compare sales and revenues on a time variation
  • For banking sector:


    • Identify best performing Products
    • Best performing regions and channels
    • Find most delinquent loan types
    • Identify HNI/high spending individuals
    • Understand customers spend patterns
    • Track productivity of agents

Technical Features

  • Built completely on open source tools, hence no technology license cost is involved
  • No data warehouse tools required
  • No enterprise reporting tool required
  • Runs on any hardware
  • Runs on any OS
  • Runs on any RDBMS – including open source Data base as PostgreSQL
  • Runs on any application server – including open source servers like JBoss

JDSS is designed to add value to organizations that operate in a more dynamic and data-driven environment. It is simple to use, can be implemented in 30 days to give a quick ROI & also comes at a very competitive TCO.

Decision Support System

Dynamically define key parameters and customize your dashboards to suite you business requirements.  JMR Decision Support System comes with pre-built dashboards for CEOs, CROs, CFOs, COOs, Business Heads, Credit Heads etc. and these are available out of the box.

Solution also includes features like advanced, customer segmentation analytics and multi-dimensional data modeling to empower decision makers across all levels to make, real time, better-informed and proactive decisions.

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