JMR Infotech’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is a comprehensive, unified and scalable content management solution which helps users implement and use an integrated high value solution at low costs.

With information growing explosively, managing information to get the right data and views is a huge challenge to many organizations. Considering the different ways information is produced and exchanged, it is important to figure out the following:

  • How many content silos do you have?
  • Is it connected to other users, applications and processes?
  • How do you manage your content?
  • Are you able to comply with requirements and regulations?
  • Are you able to be agile and also provide audit trails when necessary?

JMR Infotech’s ECM has following features:

  • Single and unified repository, based on the web
  • Offers services like version control, meta data, indexing and search, security etc.
  • Ability to convert over 500 formats so that documents are web-viewable
  • Archiving facility and storage management
  • Document management
  • Content Management for the Web
  • Digital asset management
  • Imaging
  • Documents, certified records and retention management
  • Information rights management

JMR Infotech can help users realize major benefits of the ECM platform such as:

  • Lowered costs with regard to pricing, storage, shipping and software maintenance costs
  • Gained efficiencies as business processes are streamlined to offer quick and complete access to information
  • Lowered risk as consistency is improved and made more auditable; documents are compliant with business regulations
  • Content is secure and can help in managing the brand properly
  • Ability to create value by improving business agility so that up-selling and cross selling becomes easy; improved customer retention

The ECM solutions also include modules as listed below:

  • Content Management
  • Imaging & Process Management
  • Records Management

To ensure that customers have a range in choice, JMR Infotech also offers ECM solutions from Oracle & Microsoft as part of the portfolio.

Other Enterprise Content Management Offerings

  • MS SharePoint
  • Oracle Universal Content Management
  • If you need more information or if you are not able to find what you need

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    • “Quality leadership” – George Demetriades, Ex IT Manager Alpha Bank

      JMR Infotech has got an excellent leadership which provides them with the required impetus to excel and improve their service.

    • “Business & Technology Expertise” – Umar El Farouk, CIO, GCB Ghana

      I want to extend our sincere thanks for all the support given us from conception to delivery of the Oracle FCUBS and FCDB applications. The upgrade and migration has been ...

    • “Complex Project Successfully Delivered Across Multi-Geographies” – Syed Khurshid Ahmad, IT Vice President – Head of FLEXCUBE UBS Core

      The Go-Live of the new Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS system for Wholesale Retail for Conventional &Islamic Banking was successfully completed in three separate geographies for GIB. The implementation of these ...

    • Venkatakrishnan – Senior Vice President-IT – Dhanlaxmi Bank, India

      We chose JMR because of their excellent engagement model. When they say extended arm they literally make it happen. Excellent customer service, faster turnaround times, high quality deliverables at an ...

    • Erdélyi Gábor – FHB Bank

      The script developed by you is very good. I was very happy when I used it for the first time to delete the bad items from the live database… I ...

    • Peter Hlavicska – Technical Manager – FHB Bank

      Even though many of our problem descriptions may have lacked enough detail, your answers in vast majority of cases immediate and spot on. your response times and quality of your ...

    • Kovacs Jozsef – Project Director – Jet Bank

      I am amazed with their desire to complete task on hand and on their motivation levels. Thank you for your excellent support.

    • Kaiser Viktória – FHB Bank

      It was a crazy day…you made us survive…

    • Sherif Safwat – Implementation Director – National Bank of Egypt

      The value addition you have brought in through your extended arm engagement model for our FC implementation project is worth mentioning. Things have started progressing well and the qualities of ...

    • George Demetriades – Manager – Subsidiaries IT – Alpha Bank

      Many Thanks for the swift response. You have saved huge money and time for the bank by providing a solution for our complex loan product which otherwise would have taken ...

    • Medhat El Leissy – CIO – Banque Du Caire

      You have really done an excellent job and have really proved the knowledge you possess technically and functionally with respect to the product. Appreciate your efforts.

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