JMR Infotech as an Oracle Platinum Partner provides IT Security Solutions on the Oracle Platform to mitigate threats. Oracle delivers advanced solutions to help safeguard data at every level.  Security solutions cover areas such as data privacy, protection against internal and external threats, identity management, governance, cloud security, servers and storage systems, and infrastructure security.

Security risks are a concern for every enterprise as they threaten a business. Companies have everything to lose – their reputation, brand recognition, and overall stock value.  Enterprises are answerable to their stakeholders and have to uphold the value.  As the perception of risk goes up, regulation and governance also increases. As a whole, the response from business is more reactive than proactive, which fails over the long run. In many cases, the causes are within an enterprise and controls placed on core systems can prevent problems.

Transforming IT security requires companies to do the following:

  • Manage risk
  • Prevent threats
  • Look for and unlock opportunities

Putting the right security solutions in place helps companies to pursue new opportunities on new platforms like the internet and the cloud.

With a focus on securing information and enterprises, Oracle starts on the inside by offering security at each layer, between different layers and between systems. Its solutions help in protecting operating systems, structured and unstructured data and even application portals by using encryption, firewalls, monitoring, access control, fraud detection and so on.  Organizations get the benefits of three transformational solutions in the form of data security, fraud detection and compliance reporting.

IT security solutions which JMR can offer on the Oracle suite of products cover the following areas:

  • Database Security
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Identity Management
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Services and Consulting

This is a very cost effective approach as it offers in-depth defense with overlapping controls to secure the most valued assets of a company. Oracle is expert in proving solutions in every area – right from applications to operating systems to storage.


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